The Field and Roving Archery Society

Patron : Robert Hardy Esq. C.B.E.

The Field and Roving Archery Society is for those archers who wish to shoot traditional bows and arrows from around the

world at a challenging variety of mixed field and roving mark targets. The F.R.A.S. encourages the use of bows of a

traditional or ethnic type such as European and English Longbows, American flat bows, Recurve bows, Eastern

European bows, Asiatic bows,  Japanese bows, Mongol bows or other historical ethnic bow types. The F.R.A.S. also

encourages the shooting of medieval type wooden bodied traditional English and European crossbows and quarrels.

The F.R.A.S. is a wooden arrows only society and all bows are shot without sights, stabilisers, arrow rests or clickers.

Compound bows are not permitted at F.R.A.S. events.

F.R.A.S. events offer .....

Challenging unmarked distance targets

Mixture of Field, Roving  and other historical target types

No bow classifications or draw weight limits

Freedom to shoot a bow of your choice